Meet the Dummy Fairy

The Queen

The Queen of the Dummy Fairies is embodied by actress and certified family celebrant, Alison Ann. Originally from Australia, Alison was destined for a career in childcare, but life lead her into a career in music and theatre. She currently resides with her youngest son in Hertfordshire, England. 

Alison has been helping parents to “ditch the dummy” for over a decade. In 2020, The Dummy Fairy Workshop has been refurbished and The Magical Bits ‘n’ Bobs have been given an extra sprinkle of fairy dust. Alison is also in the process of creating an online course for parents who would benefit from additional support.

Working with parents and children (albeit it from afar), Alison takes her role as Queen of the Dummy Fairies seriously and has an enhanced DBS check which is renewed annually. 

The King

The King of the Dummy Fairies was the first child to ever be visited by The Queen and to donate his many dummies to The Dummy Fairy Workshop. He is the inspiration behind The Dummy Fairy Workshop. 

Now aged 13, he leaves the day to day running of the workshop to The Queen. He is far too cool now to wear his cape and crown, but remains faithful in his service to The Queen and to her ventures.